What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair is simply hair from a living individual donor that has not been chemically processed, permed, colored or dyed.

Characteristics of Virgin Hair


If you've ever purchased from us, then you would notice that our hair extensions and wigs come in a natural off-black color. Virgin hair has a natural color from the individual hair donor. Each bundle can vary slightly in shades between #1B (natural Black) - #2 (Dark Brown).

Grey or lighter brown hair strands:-

You may also notice a few (1-5) strands of grey hair or  lighter brown hair strands due to the fact that the donor may have had a few strands of grey hair or strands of their hair was naturally bleached by the sun. Do not be alarmed, this is not intentional, our suppliers try their best to remove the grey or lighter brown hair stands when the hair is received from the donor for washing and wefting. We also pick the grey hair out when constructing and customizing our wigs, but we DO NOT guarantee 100% no gray hair, please understand.

Just like your natural hair virgin hair requires proper care and maintenance. Please visit our hair care and maintenance page to learn how to properly care for your hair extensions and wigs!